JoJo’s Speaker Bio and Content

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Toxic Relationship? Toxic Boss? Toxic Team Members?
Nationally-Acclaimed Author and Speaker JoJo Dries travels across the country to speak at your Team events, Corporate Seminars, Non-Profit Events, and more.
In JoJo’s engaging presentation, she reveals 7 steps to remove yourself from toxic situations and live out your destiny.

There is an insidious message of, “you are not worthy” that weaves itself into the undertone of many workplace and personal life situations. Have you ever wanted to take that message and turn it on its head? In her engaging, powerful and relatable session, JoJo Dries gives you practical life solutions that you can apply to some of the most common and seemingly impossible situations that you are faced with professionally and personally.

JoJo shares lessons from her own journey of empowerment; and, in doing so, gives you practical ways to turn every situation where people or circumstances are telling you, “You are not worthy” into a situation where you are empowered to believe that you are worthy and in doing so shows you how you get to the place you envision for yourself and your loved ones.

Have you ever been told you’ll never amount to anything – but, you know you are destined for greatness? Have you ever been told to be quiet and stay in your lane – but, you know that you have value to contribute that will take you and others around you to a higher level? Have you ever been sexually, verbally or emotionally harassed or abused – and, you knew it wasn’t the right way to be treated, but needed practical solutions to remove yourself from the situations so you could soar professionally and personally the way you were meant to? This session will help you with solutions to all of these situations you may find yourself in.

JoJo’s vulnerability and authenticity in sharing from her own journey, will bring you laughter, tears, and at some points to your feet. You’ll be able to relate to the message at some level – and, you will walk away with the actual step by step ways you can make your dreams, goals and ambitions reality. You are guaranteed to leave feeling empowered, with actionable steps to achieve the dreams that you have for your career, relationships and personal life.

JoJo Dries is an author and speaker. Her book, The Lotus: How I Beat the Patriarchy can be found on Amazon, and was released in June, 2018. It is not only a motivational book, but a gripping, detailed account of what it was like living in a home with a culture of abuse, and how JoJo removed herself from those circumstances. JoJo’s book gives readers the tools and a plan to remove themselves from the toxic situations they may be in. The book is raw, relatable and true. The principles JoJo identifies will work for anyone in any toxic situation, whether it is personal or professional.

JoJo has owned and run several companies. She is a veteran, nationally sought-after speaker, having presented before thousands at a time. Her presentations, which she gives across the country, appeal to a wide variety of audiences from every walk of life. Her topics include, “How to Escape a Toxic Environment at Work or Home”, “How to Re-Discover and Pursue Your Dreams” and “The Top 7 Steps to Moving Forward From Life’s Worst Situations”. Her boldness in telling a story we are now seeing repeatedly – abuse of power, sexuality, religion and truth — endears her to the audience in its authenticity. JoJo is based out of Rochester, MI, where she lives with the love of her life, their two sons and puppy.