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The Lotus: How I Beat the Patriarchy is a type of coming of age, true life story about one woman’s journey coming out of an abusive, toxic family and work environment into living the life of her dreams. This book appeals to humanity at its core and gives a voice to the broken down, abused, marginalized, minorities, women and humanity that don’t have a voice. The book addresses topics that, up until now, have been taboo topics. The author talks about the patriarchy within her own background, as an American, whose parents are both Arab. It is a relatable story that is being repeated across the nation. We see how she took herself out of a horrific situation and became a Voice for the voiceless. On one hand, it is a story of loss and on the other it is a story of how Love triumphs, if you let it. JoJo came from a fanatical “Christian” environment as well as an Arab American background. She addresses how she took the good and left the bad from her upbringing and how the reader can do the same no matter what type of toxic, abusive or terrible situation that they find themselves in.

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What others have to say…

JoJo’s story is both hard to read, and hard to put down.  Her courageous account will open your eyes and your heart to what may be happening right under your nose, right down your street or right next door – and how you can help.  You simply won’t be the same after reading it.

Sue Woodard, Chief Customer Officer, Total Expert. Author and Speaker.

JoJo’s story is one of struggle, strength, courage and love. She is proof that we can take our pain and turn it into power, creating a solid foundation for a more fulfilling future when we love ourselves, completely, and live our truth.  Her connection to God and her faith is uplifting and inspiring, serving as a building block for our friendship, bringing us closer over the years through His love. May her story urge others to share theirs and relieve themselves of the pain that consumes them.

Suehaila Amen, International & Diplomatic Relations; Public Speaker; Activist

JoJo has worked extremely hard at her journey of self-discovery. The fact that she has decided to generously share what she has experienced, witnessed, and learned through her journey is truly a gift to others who may find themselves in similar situations. Her willingness to look at herself; the curiosity about herself and her relationships; and her desire to make her life what she wants it to be, can be an inspiration to us all.

Dr. Christina Haemmerle, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

JoJo, you are the epitome of a strong, confident and loving woman. You have come so far and have modeled the path to forgiveness, to living your authentic self and to finding your happiness by creating goodness around you. You have made peace with your past so you can embrace your future. I am so proud of the woman you have become. The caterpillar turned into the most beautiful butterfly!

Siham Awada Jaafar, Founder, Images and Perceptions Diversity Conference

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